Candy Canes for Kellers
a FUN-Raiser for Sean Keller

This holiday Season, friends of the Keller family are putting together a FUN-Raiser for them; Candy Canes for the Keller’s. With a donation of $10, you will receive a 2 foot homemade candy cane shape decoration to be put outside by your mailbox with a little orange ribbon on it. The orange ribbon brings awareness to Leukemia. Not only would it would be amazing if entire neighborhoods lined their streets with the candy canes, but it would be very festive as well.
To place an order Print out the form below and mail it to Candy Canes for Keller’s P.O.Box 623 Marengo, IL 60152.  Orders will be taken from Nov 12th until Dec 10th. Delivery will start on November 24th.
Order Form